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The Logic Of Enlightenment

Hello and thanks for dropping by.

My name is Mark Ty-Wharton, I am a music technologist, public speaker and writer.

I am brilliant with systems and I work with energy. Simply put, I have uncovered some of life’s answers and understand the human condition.

With my unique know how, we can separate you from your problems. Using transtheistic logic, you can ultimately be taught to look at life from a fresh perspective, leaving more freedom to just be.

Over the course of thirty years I evolved from being a panic stricken teenager into a strong and powerful man. I don’t have every answer, yet I have a lot of the right questions and give myself the grace to continue to grow.

Please consider contacting me for a one to one consultation; alternatively ask me to come and speak at your event.

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

Mark Ty-Wharton

This wasn't an easy task and you facilitated very well. The outcome was fantastic when we got 3 things out of the brainstorm - very interesting and interactive. Truly enjoyed it.