PODCAST: But Mummy I’m Addicted To Crack…


The Addict, Is It Really Who You Are?

All addictions lead to altered states.

The addict has it’s own persona.

All aspects of personality are habitual.

Some habits are more useful than others.

Cease to identify with the characters which play out your life.

Design a new identity in language, create a constitution. Only take actions which are in alignment with the identity which you create. If taking an action causes you to vary from your created identity too much, then don’t take the action. If you take a negative action remember it wasn’t you that took it. That is not to say that you absolve responsibility, more that in a world where you are who you say you are then you do not identify with who you are not.

How Does It work?

The body is a biogenetic machine.

The mind is the machine code.

All thoughts that arise in the machine’s code are habitual.

Some habits are more useful than others.

The next thought that comes to mind will be THE predominant thought YOU have always had about this. The reaction you have will be the thought you have always had about these words. You are not your thoughts. You can alter your thoughts by stimulation of experience. You therefore have control over who it is that you are in the world.

But What About My Addiction?

If I talk about drugs you have always had the same thoughts.
Take a look at these words:

Adrenalin, Alcohol, Betting, Computer Games, Depression, Drugs, Food, Gambling, Laziness, Internet, Masturbation, Pornography, Prostitution, Sex, Smoking, Sugar, TV, Working Out.

What do these words trigger? Are the thoughts that come to mind thoughts you have always had about these things? When did you first think them? Are they your thoughts or did you inherit them? Who from?

And thoughts are based on logical decisions, so the logical decisions that were made at the time of the decision were based on a set of circumstances which made perfect sense and now may or may not still exist. What was right for you then (whatever the reasoning) may no longer be appropriate for you now.

Why Does It Have Such A Hold Over Me?

The habit was formed around something which may no longer be there but the habit seems as if it remains relevant. Partly because these things get written into muscle memory, a cycle of adrenalin or anticipation for the addictive event followed by a period of relaxation or an altered state.

Once something is in this kind of memory it becomes a reflex. When things are driven by feelings in the body it is sometimes hard to tell what the drive to do certain things is. You can get to the core addiction by eliminating toxic habits from your immediate environment and then seeing what is left.

Someone whose core addiction is gambling may associate smoking with gambling and find it hard to stop. It is a case of discovering which one comes first and eliminating the need to do it.


Identity is stitched together with familiar objects. Familiar objects trigger memories and memories lead to repeating certain actions. To break identity you can get rid of familiar objects. Anything that provides a trigger for a mental or physical state can cause actions consistent with a habitual action.

Binge eaters should change their saucepans, compulsive smokers should get rid of lighters and ash trays, wankers throw out your copies of Penthouse and switch off your Internet.

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

Anurajyati (be in love!)

Mark Ty-Wharton


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