A Definition Of Liberation



Is freedom from the constraints of the common sense world view, a recognition that:

  • There is not a something which is here looking out there, that gets from here to there. Everything is only ever here and everything here is me (I am everything but I am not a thing so I am nothing and quite paradoxically I am both of these states yet neither of them.
  • There are no fixed reference points. I am free when I recognise the “false entity” of “I”, “me”, or “self” is not real. Yet I have quality though it is not fixed. I am not a self. And I am also not the negation of self.
  • Where “I” am – who “I” am and what “I” am only ever and always changes. Change is the only thing that ever happens and it happens against a constant background of change so all things (everything) that occurs within change is relative and the complexity of this is beyond the scope of human understanding.

Liberation sets the thought stream free from the prison of thinking and from the prison of the idea of a single mind that is separate. Liberation is a recognition of not knowing anything about anything except existence. Liberation can be defined thus: “there is existence”.

Indecently, our science currently relies on made up constants. A liberated scientist would observe existence without having to posit such axioms. Liberation therefore is an absence of proof.

I exist…

Get over it ;/)

See you on the other side of the looking glass,


Mark Ty-Wharton


That was fun and different. Thought provoking. Great - Thanks.