PODCAST: See Seekers Seeking Sense


Imagination, The Power Of Creation

We talked about water and oceans.

Osho’s explanation that we are like a wave has probably outlived its usefulness, because it becomes a beautiful concept.

What is being pointed to here is its exact opposite.

This is about destroying the imagination.

Here is a puzzle.

Can you solve it?

If Tom has three times as many apples as Susan and Susan has one-fourth as many as Joe, who has four, how many does Mary have if Mary has two more than Tom?

Take your time.


If Mary has five apples and you take two how many apples does Mary have?

How clear were the pictures? What came to mind?

Picture Tom? with his apples?

Can you see Susan? or Joe? and Mary?

What is it about Mary? Can you imagine Mary standing there with her little basket of apples, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz and her ruby slippers, so far away from Kansas?

And you? Can you picture you? Taking two apples?

What is it about you? Are you any more real in this than Tom, or Susan, or Mary, or Joe?

That is all this seeking is about.

However that internal feeling, image, qualia, sense, vision of you presents itself, it is just imagination.

Not your imagination either, because this is how you occur for yourself in thinking.

It’s just a game of smoke and mirrors. Nothing to see here.

Let’s say you are in touch with the inner you?

Are you really? as clearly as Mary or apples? or Dorothy, with her little dog?

You see, unlike the Wizard, there is nobody behind the curtain, only a curtain.

And what if that wave has a spirit or soul when it merges with an ocean?

How many souls does an ocean have?

How many souls in a universe?

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

Anurajyati (be in love!) (be in love).


That was fun and different. Thought provoking. Great - Thanks.