We Are The Source

Love and Peace to the World by storebukkebruse, on Flickr
Love and Peace to the World by storebukkebruse, on Flickr

This (life) appears very real

And we treat it like it is real

But we do not know for sure it is real

So if we can treat it as if it is not real

At the level of awareness, experience changes

This is the fundamental principle of enlightenment


Something is happening

The appearance of things change

There is apparent momentum

But there is no fixed point called now

Any static snapshot is immeasurably and infinitesimally small

Even a camera with a 1/1000th sec shutter speed detects some movement

So any arbitrary segment of momentum can be defined as a moment


Moment by moment life plays out

We cannot identify its source

Because we are the source

And we are not separate from it

Source manifests in human as the energy of love

We are for creation and we are co-creators


When we are in flow, we feed the field of others

It feels good to be in service of energy

We label this manifestation love

We are love, in love


See you on the other side of the looking glass,

Anurajyati (be in love!)

Mark Ty-Wharton


Mark, the stories about your recording adventures were absolutely intriguing - the visual pictures you created of biplanes overhead and crawling round V8 engines in particular.